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It is now nearly forty years ago since the first edition of the
guide was published and, although radiological techniques and
procedures continue to evolve and expand, we have kept to the
original concept of the first edition of the guide– to provide
a single compact source reflecting the vast range of imaging
techniques and radiological interventional procedures. Each
chapter has been thoroughly reviewed and updated to reflect
new advances in imaging techniques and evolving indications
for examinations and procedures. As in previous editions, the
chapters will also reflect where older examinations are now
reserved only for very limited specific indications or have been
completely superseded. This particularly the case as modern
multislice CT and MR continue to evolve and displace more
outmoded techniques.
We have introduced new chapters on Ablative Techniques
which are becoming increasingly established as therapeutic
alternatives to conventional surgical procedures, and on the
Role of the Radiographer and the Nurse in Procedural Radiology
to reflect the fundamental importance of the team approach to
providing a safe and effective, modern interventional imaging
service. We have also included, as an on-line resource, selected
Single-Best-Answer questions to allow readers to test their
understanding of the material in each chapter which we hope
readers will find useful.
We hope this guide continues to be a helpful and practical
source of information not only for radiologists but also for
radiographers and nurses who are vital members of the integrated
teams delivering modern radiological practice

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